This is a map of the world as it was understood at the time and features a number of cartographic inaccuracies from the early 18th century. If you look to the west coast of North America you will notice that California is depicted as an island, New Guinea and Australia are shown to have a single contiguous coastline and Antarctica is missing altogether.
The amazing allegorical illustration across the top shows shows the four continents as women; Europe the scholar, studying the globe, Asia the exotic trading partner with an urn of incense, while the primitive Africa and America appear on the far side of the title cartouche.
The map was a single medium quality, seamless scan of a physical document so the paper wear had to be digitally dressed out and the missing information (gaps in the map) recreated from existing detail. Also, because this is a restoration of a hand-drawn map the original pencil lines were also removed along with false starts and unfinished lettering, however, the false continental outlines were left in as an intrinsic part of the map. The entire original map had hundreds of horizontal background lines over its entirety which were painstakingly removed to allow the illustration to breathe. The finished map was digitally enhanced to give the best possible clarity and the background replaced with an ultra high-resolution paper texture with a subtle vignette to give the map the appearance of a slightly aged physical document.
The map is designed to be printed at size A1 (841mm x 594mm / 33.1" x 23.4") and the project took around 18 hours to complete.

The fully restored 1721 map of the known world

California is shown as an island off the west coast of North America

Australia (New Holland) and New Guinea share an uninterrupted coastline

An incredible illustration decorated the top of the map

False continental outlines around the continents were left in place

Prints of this restored map are available to purchase in size A1 (841mm x 594mm / 33.1" x 23.4") on high-end 225gsm matt photo paper reproduced with a wide colour gamut and high ink loads.
Prints cost £34.95. Shipping is £5 to UK mainland and £16 internationally. Prints are securely shipped rolled in a cardboard tube.
Prints take approx. 10 days to turnaround. Fill in the form below to place you order for this map.


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