This map didn’t have so much paper wear but it had a lot of only partially erased false starts and tooling marks with two full horizontal folds that caused considerable damage to the watercolour ‘wapon’ borders (see images below). All the damage has been digitally restored or removed using existing map assets to maintain continuity of stroke weight and brush texture. The finished map was digitally enhanced to give the best possible clarity and the background replaced with an ultra high-resolution paper texture with a subtle vignette to give the map the appearance of a slightly aged physical document.
The map is designed to be printed at size A1 (841mm x 594mm / 33.1" x 23.4") and the project took around 10 hours to complete.

The fully restored 1701 map of the West Riding of Yorkshire

I love the fantastic depiction of hills and woods

The beautiful hand-drawn original title

A key of the various wapons on the West Riding

The Ouse used to be a the boundary between the East and West Riding

Notice the pencil transfer and tracing marks as well as the horizontal fold

A comparison shot showing the restoration of the area in the last photo

Notice the horizontal fold and the damage to the watercolour wapon borders

A comparison shot showing the restoration of the area in the last photo

Prints of this restored map are available to purchase in size A1 (841mm x 594mm / 33.1" x 23.4") on high-end 225gsm matt photo paper reproduced with a wide colour gamut and high ink loads.
Prints cost £34.95. Shipping is £5 to UK mainland and £16 internationally. Prints are securely shipped rolled in a cardboard tube.
Prints take approx. 10 days to turnaround. Fill in the form below to place you order for this map.


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