Hello, my name is Dan. I'm a digital artist and graphic designer. I own a small freelance website and graphic design studio called Straylite Design. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK with my wife and dog.
This website is a gallery of my digital watercolour pet portraits. You can also commission your own artwork and shop for prints.
My digital watercolour pet portraits are a combination of layered PS actions with carefully hand-brushed fine detail over the top. Each piece is painted from a customer-supplied photograph using a stylus and graphic slate. I can create composites from multiple photos which is a beautiful way to commission a piece that puts your current pet and your lost loves together in the same space and time.
Because my artwork is digital, it can be supplied globally via email with no long shipping times, although I also offer a limited printing service with international shipping available.
I am so confident in the quality of my work that I offer proofs upfront with no obligation to purchase, that way you can be absolutely sure that the artwork you have commissioned is something you love.